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Adult Cosette






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Adult Cosette is probably one of the most beautiful people in Les Mis. Her charm and grace is enough to love the girl.

jvjgarden.jpg (89822 bytes)We meet her again on a park bench in Paris. Valjean is with her, and she has grown very close to him. She does not remember the Thenardiers that well, but she thinks of Valjean as her father. He had taught her to read and has given her everything she's wanted.

Valjean gave her a rather secluded life. The only people in her life were Valjean and Toissant (the maid). But for a few months there was a stranger that frequented the garden. To Cosette he was handsome, and carried himself well. Their eye's met on several occasions, she fell in love. But to her distress they stopped going to the garden for several months. When they returned he wasn't their. Cosette got over things easily, and once she thought that she never thought about that man in the garden.

At the time she was living at Rue Plumet. It had a large garden in the back, and Valjean never went back there. She had always thought Rue Plumet safe until one night when she looked out her window and saw the shadow of a man in a hat. She panicked, Valjean was out of town and she was all alone with Toissant. When she went outside, the shadow was gone.

The next day when Valjean came back she told him of the shadow. And for the next 2 weeks or so Valjean was out in the yard looking for that shadow, and one night he found it. He shouted to Cosette, 'I found your man in a hat!' She laughed at him, it was the chimney of a near by house. Both Valjean and Cosette were relieved.

In Rue Plumet's garden there was a large stone bench that Cosette frequently sat on. And near that bench was a large stone. The stone was close enough to the gate that a hand could reach in and take it.

cosetteletter.jpg (88999 bytes)One day Cosette was walking around in the garden, after having just been sitting on the bench. When she turned around, there was a large stone on the bench. It was not there a few minutes ago. Cosette didn't place it there. She didn't panic. Picking up the stone, she saw a large letter. It was not addressed or signed.

After reading the letter she wondered who it could have been from, she knew. It was the man from the garden's. Had she really forgotten about him? Never! The letter was 14 pages of heart and soul poured out from this man's heart.

cosmariusgarden.jpg (101853 bytes)Later in the week Cosette was in the garden again. It was dark and she had been thinking about that man, when she got that sudden feeling that someone was behind her. When she stood up and turned to look, she saw the man from the garden. His hat had fallen on the ground. She nearly fell, but he caught her. She learned all about him, his name was Marius. And from that moment on they met every night at 10 PM in the garden of Rue Plumet.

Unfortunately after a few months Valjean gave Cosette the news that they had to leave for England. She didn't understand at all, but she obeyed. She believed that somehow Marius would find her.

She hadn't heard from him in a while, but she got the news one day that Marius had been at the barricades. And that he was in need of bandages. This news must have shocked Cosette, but she loved Marius. So, she spend days on end making bandages for him. Then, she got a letter from M. Gillenormand (Marius' grandfather) that she was to come and see Marius that day.

grandadmarius.jpg (100621 bytes)When she arrived, Marius' face lightened up. And the two were together again. Soon enough Marius and Cosette were engaged to get married.

sleeplessnight.jpg (69293 bytes)They got married on Feb. 16 1833. It was a gay occasion and both of the newly weds were beautiful. Even though Valjean left the party early.

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After a few weeks Cosette noticed that her father started to fade out of her life. She thought this unusual but she tried not to let it get to her. Until one day an ecstatic Marius came to her with the news that her father was ill. On the way to his house Marius told Cosette about how Valjean saved him from the barricades and that he was a savior.

cosettejvjmar.jpg (78870 bytes)When the arrived Cosette ran to her father. He confessed, he told Cosette the story of her life. After exchanging loving words, Valjean's soul took flight. The story ends there.

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