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Cosette's Shrine






logo.gif (9372 bytes)  Cosette Euphrasia Pontmercy

Cosette is the symbol of Les Miserables. One of the most memorable pictures you will see is Cosette with her hair as the French flag. That famous image came from this sketch that I found from an online e-text of Les Miserables.

cossweep.jpg (100627 bytes) A miserable child she was. But she grew up into one of the sweetest and most beautiful woman in Paris. For me it's almost hard to believe that this girl grew into such a wonderful person. Another picture of her that I found at the e-text site. It is of Cosette looking at some birds as an adult. A beautiful girl she was.

cosettenest.jpg (85789 bytes) Here are two pages below to learn more about Cosette, there are also some additional images.

Young Cosette         tulip1.wmf (1476 bytes)          Adult Cosette