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This is Candide. She's only a pup so don't tease the poor thing. She is around 2 months old. I was going to call her something related to Les Mis, BUT my mom thought all the Les Mis names were rather dull. Plus, Candide just fits her. She's part standard Collie and Australian Cattle dog. So, she won't get to be very large. I'm not sure yet if she'll have blue or brown eyes (you can't really tell.) Yes, she is very smart. She knows her name all ready and is getting the hang of house breaking.

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This is Tucker, he's the oldest dog in the house so that makes him 6 years old or so. He's an australian sheperd mixed with an unknown DNA source. Needless to say he's cute and all, but I don't like him. I hate him with passion...He killed my bird and he's very territorial. But he knows he'll get his butt kicked if he even thinks of harming my Candide. I do love this dog, but Tucker is just a plain brat. Oh well, with boiling blood I can teach this old dog new tricks. *g*

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Yes, I do have other pets. I have 2 cats and one bird that aren't talked of.

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Muskey is my brothers cat...she's a cross between a tabby and a russian blue. She's a real brat but she's an awesome cat.

Her sister is my cat, Stormy. Her fur is the softest cat fur! She's real sweet and she's quite loyal to me. She doesn't have anything to do with my parents or my brother. She always sleeps in my room. But she needs medicine every day, other wise she has seizures. She's just a bundle of love though. Bother her and muskey are 8 years old, now.

Stormy is the one all curled up on the foot stool. While Muskey is sitting on the chair in the picture on the left. (:

Louis is our bird. He isn't tame...the little brat thinks he's Louis the 16th or 14th doesn't matter both had HUGE egos. And so does our little parakeet. He sits and stares at himself in his mirror, and he NEVER shuts up, unless he's sleeping. But for some reason mother thinks he's real sweet, and I beg to differ. Some day a French mob will get him, and guillotine him. I'm just kidding...I'm not going to kill him.