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This is my little page about Cosette.

Why is Cosette as a child loved? Why is Cosette as an Adult hated? I'm not sure why myself.

Young Cosette is loved from being pitied. The Thenardiers used her as a slave. She wore rags and was less then a third class citizen. A young girl that didn't know anything. She didn't think she had a mother, although she heard on occasion about Fantine. She was so lonely, and my heart goes out to her. Her song is "Castle on a Cloud".

Adult Cosette is a very sweet and loving person. That gave money to the poor, and treated everyone with respect and kindness. She was a women of the 19th century. She was educated and knew how to read.

But, she is so widely hated because she was sweet and loving. Which needless to say, isn't write. But I cannot change those peoples' minds. It is up to them to decide.

Her song is "In My Life", or in the old version of Les Miserables, "I Saw Him Once". Both are beautiful songs.

If you want to read up on my Defense for Marius and Cosette follow this link.

If you want to start up a "Cosette Fan Club" please e-mail me, I'll be glad to help.