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Me the Great






Yes, finaly, here *I* am. Me the great, me the ugly, me the ogar. Trust me glass breaks when it sees me and my mirror on the wall well....let's just say I have 7 years of bad luck comming. (:

Mvc-025l.jpg (14806 bytes)

Yes, 'tis me! Aren't I just the little igorella? Well, yes that IS Le Cafe in the background along with Marius (Valentino) and my tattered LM novel. You'll also note that on the computer (just behind my shoulder) is a stack of books. What books you ask? Well I'll be happy to answer for you. Les Mis in French and my French-English, English-French dictionary.*g*

Here's another one...except closer up..... *gasp* I do hope you get your site back ASAP! (:

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Sorry, I was thinking about Marius in this picture so that's why I look as if I'm looking into space. Of course I look like this most of the time so...yeah this is "normal" me. IGNORE the buttons, I know they are god-awful! My aunt put them on 20 years ago... the original buttons are navy blue. Well I guess that would make sense since that is my grandfather's naval jacket from WW2. It's awesome, a closer resemblance to Javer's jacket, except not half as cool. *g*