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Photo Album







These are my photos from my trip to Toronto. These are photos of me with the cast. They were all very lovely people.

Colm Wilkinson (Valjean), and Me
Regan Theil (Cosette), Lee, and Me
Lee, Gavroche (Jason Mays), and Gavroche T. (Me)
Lee, Gavroche (Jeffery Hyke), and Gavroche T. (Me)
Susan Gilmore (Fantine), and Me.
Lee, Tim Howar (Marius), and Me
Lee, Ben Davis (Feuilly), Stephen Bishop (Grantaire), and Me
Lee, Jessica-Snow Willson, Me

This is a little page that is for my pets. Of course it only has 2 of my pets on there as of right now. And very few pictures.

Candide and others....